The Temple Revealed in Creation: A Portrait of the Family

The subject of the Temple in Jerusalem usually generates a great deal of debate peppered with lots of questions and sprinkled with more than a little controversy. Some view the Temple as a building that was destroyed in the first century but will be built again to fulfill the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. Others think the Temple is irrelevant because Yeshua’s (Jesus) sacrifice replaced it. Some are waiting for a new Temple to appear out of the heavens while others are taking steps to build it here on earth. Some see the Temple in abstract and spiritual terms while others see only a physical building that was destroyed. Dr. Dinah Dye explores the ancient understanding of the temple from the birth of time. She takes the reader back to the "beginning" and shows its enduring relevance for today’s family. Bodie Thoene said: This is a MUST READ for everyone who longs for a deeper understanding of The Temple, Heaven, and God's great love for us! My highest recommendation!

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