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Just for Laughs: Dinah’s Story

Dinah shares her adventures during the Temple conference 2019 when she traveled overseas running into wars, military coups, and bombings.  It's quite a story. 

Parables: Exile to Return Part 1

This is session one of 10 part series. An in-depth look at the Parables of Yeshua from the perspective of the Babylonian Exile. See the...

The Place of His Presence

A teaching at El Shaddai Ministries about the place of God's Presence from the Torah portion Netzavim

Tabernacle: Brad & Dinah 12 prts

Based on the book Brad Scott wrote about the Tabernacle, he and I discuss its various parts and how they resemble parts of the...

In the Beginning 10 prts

This teaching was filmed for ITVN (Israel TV Network) and examines the first chapter of Genesis. I present the material in a more conversational...

Toldot: The Only Begotten Son

Toldot: part 1 Toldot: part 2