Free Teachings

Bonhoeffer: From Tyranny to Freedom Part 1

Dinah with Eric Metaxes, author and Radio Talk Show host 

Dinah Dye on the Dr. Deb show.

Dinah with Dennis Prager and Rabbi Feldman! Radio interview where we discuss On Fire Prayer, my visit to Mar-a-lago with the likes of Dennis Prager,...

Shavuot: The Day Heaven and Earth Became One

Pentecost (Shavuot in Hebrew) is not the birth of the church per se. Rather, Shavuot celebrates the cutting of a marriage covenant and the...

Just for Laughs: Dinah’s Story

Dinah shares her adventures during the Temple conference 2019 when she traveled overseas running into wars, military coups, and bombings.  It's quite a story.