Free Teachings

Just for Laughs: Dinah’s Story

Dinah shares her adventures during the Temple conference 2019 when she traveled overseas running into wars, military coups, and bombings.  It's quite a story. 

The Sign of Jonah (Matt. 15-16)

A look at the feeding of the 4000 and the seven baskets and what is the real sign of the Jonah.  It's not what...

Parables: Exile to Return Part 1

This is session one of 10 part series. An in-depth look at the Parables of Yeshua from the perspective of the Babylonian Exile. See the...

Shemot: Back to Creation

The Torah portion Shemot compares elements in the creation week with events of the Exodus from Egypt. Part 1

The Place of His Presence

A teaching at El Shaddai Ministries about the place of God's Presence from the Torah portion Netzavim

Tabernacle: Brad & Dinah 12 prts

Based on the book Brad Scott wrote about the Tabernacle, he and I discuss its various parts and how they resemble parts of the...