V’yakhel: Time to Rebuild

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V'yakhel Video

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4 Responses

  1. Laureen Zisa says:

    Amen. There are only two choices: life or death, light or darkness. We either speak blessings or curses. May we choose life, light and words of blessing so we can shine the Light of Messiah as we dwell in the shadow of The Almighty. As this world continually darkens, as in Psalm 91, we can dwell in the shadow of The Almighty wherein the Light of Messiah will grow brighter and brighter. That Light will not be quenched when we love one another as we are Loved by Him.

    • Dinah Dye says:

      You are exactly right Laureen. Hopefully people will begin to see thing more clearly from this perspective. In some ways it makes our faith very simple. We are the sum total of our choices.

  2. Laureen Zisa says:

    “We are the sum total of our choices.” Amen.

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