Tabernacle: Brad & Dinah 12 prts

Based on the book Brad Scott wrote about the Tabernacle, he and I discuss its various parts and how they resemble parts of the human body. We also examine the ministry of Yeshua and His congregation in the context of the Tabernacle in the wilderness in this 12 part series.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

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11 Responses

  1. Nancy Butcher says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. I have just gone through the first six parts of this series…WOW!!! What an amazing Abba Father we have and what a plan HE has for us. Thank you for putting out these teachings. I will resume the last six parts once I take time to absorb all of this. Amazing!!!! By the way, what piece of classical music is it that you used, it is most lovely to listen to. Blessings

    • Dinah Dye says:

      So glad you are enjoying the series. I do think this is a great way for the teachers to teach and share. We all have such different perspectives but they gel nicely together. Not sure about the music. Was added later.

  2. Esther Whitaker says:

    So I just finished the 12th session. Wow! I certainly need to watch again! But i also want to go through Brad’s book and perhaps another book or two. Thanks so much guys! This was awesome!

  3. Lea Cruz says:

    In the tabernacle there is only one Menorah which is the Tree of Life/Yeshua HaMashiach the source of life and light which means the tree of knowledge of good and evil that is believed to be the fig tree should be outside of the tabernacle in the middle of another garden that represents darkness & idolatry at the east of the tabernacle at the Mount of Olives. The two trees could never be close together in one area. The holy must be set apart and not mixed in with darkness as very clearly described in the creation acount the separation of light from darkness. The name of Mount of Olives was given to a much later date and we never knew what’s the original name of this mount. But historically this was the place where King Solomon erected altars to other gods of Molech and Chemosh which the Canaanites already established on the mount before they were removed by our Abba Father through His people Israel.

    • Dinah Dye says:

      Historically this is likely true. My approach is a little different. I like to build on the concrete but present the material from a more Midrashic perspective. That is my style of teaching. So it may not line up exactly with traditional views. Thanks for joining the website. It is very much appreciated.

  4. Linda Hillman says:

    Well, you just got started with the introduction. when can we expect the beginning of the next 5 year teaching to begin. That was so awesome.

  5. Alissa Case says:

    I’m in the middle of the series (Part 6). I have been a Christian for 30 years, but have been a covenant follower for less than a year. In these short few months it has been hard to find wise, stable teachers within “the movement.” It has been very discouraging and frustrating, but your “Chill Philosophy” is a relief! Thank you for the work you have done for the Kingdom so far! I am looking forward to your 3rd volume of “The Temple Revealed…”.

    • Dinah Dye says:

      Well thank you Alissa. Much appreciated. It is hard to find stable teachers in this movement. Hopefully the third volume will be finished early next year.

  6. Brenda Stroth says:

    Dr. Dye, I am so overwhelmed with joy after viewing these 12 videos. All I can say is WOW! So many things make sense now, but equally I am shaken in many of my preconceived ideas.. (woohoo!). So thanks for that!!! Lol. Now I am ready to go back through these videos and study with the two of you! This was my first time ever hearing Brad Scott(of blessed memory) teach. What a treasure. Thank you for this teaching and for your chill approach in a time of so many forcing their ideas with a -“my way or Highway” approach. So appreciate that. YOU are a TREASURE!

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