Gospel of John: Born Again

This teaching gives an in depth look at the Festival of the New Moon in John chapter four and shows its connection to moonthe concept of being “born again." Another name for Rosh Chodesh is the Festival of the Born Again because the moon is renewed or reborn each month.




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  1. Daniel Gerry says:

    Hello Diana,
    Really enjoyed the teaching. You mentioned that the appointed times and the head of the month are rehearsals. My wife and I was wondering where the term reversal comes from. Thank you.
    Much Shalom

    • Diana says:

      Did you mean rehearsal? In Hebrew thinking these appointed times are called “remembrances” or זכר. For example Rosh HaShanah is called the Day of Remembrance. So in that regard they are rehearsals each year.

  2. JoAnne Stanley says:

    You referenced the new moon and miracles….
    my notes say that the righteous will walk in that spirit…..
    is that the righteous spirit of being born again? of today? of the first century? of Bible times?

    How do miracles and the new moon fit together?

    Did they actually suspect [know] that He was Messiah [only] because of the miracles?

    James says that the prayers of the righteous avail much…..and that it is the elders [the righteous] that are to lay hands on the sick….is there relationship here with the new moon

    • Diana says:

      The fulfillment of these miracles are part of the redemption which is associated with the “full moon”. That is the time Israel’s (the moon) spiritual condition perfectly reflects her Messiah (the sun). Each month, then, represents a rehearsal only until the fullness of the redemption has come. Being born again is a process pictured in the waxing and waning of the moon. We look forward to the time when the righteous are sealed – in the meantime we exercise the leadings God gives us to heal the sick etc.

      • JoAnne Stanley says:

        thank you for your response!! This teaching is such a pearl on my string [another word picture you used to help me in an email]!! I put it next to the pearl ‘the feminine voice of the Holy Spirit.’ [along with many in this exciting pursuit of Torah]
        I am still unwinding 30+ years in the Sunday church and the myriad of ways that born again and gifts of the Spirit are taught. So thank you thank you again…..
        Blessings and shalom,

        • Diana says:

          It is indeed a pleasure and an honor to study and teach and watch dramatic changes in people’s lives. There is a lot to unwind but the pursuit of truth is a great treasure.

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