Bonhoeffer: From Tyranny to Freedom Promo

Dietrich Bonhoeffer faced down the tyranny of Nazi Germany. The church had failed to push back against Hitler’s totalitarianism and in many cases embraced the promises of the “golden” age of the Third Reich. Today, in America, we are facing our own tyranny from political correctness, identity politics, and multiculturalism. We stand at the precipice of losing our nation to the forces of chaos caused by the radical left. How should we respond? Is there hope for the faith community? Here's an excerpt from this ground breaking 9 part series. Order your copy

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2 Responses

  1. JoAnne Stanley says:

    This promises to be so informative, so challenging, and so encouraging to those who are still getting their feet wet so to speak in the paradigm of pushing back. We are in a mess and judgment is surely due yet we believe that prayer and whatever activism makes itself available is a way to find a way to get our heads out of the sand. Hearts are failing for fear even now.
    May this go far and wide and actually wake some up. The lemmings don’t have to go over the cliff, but must find the narrow path.

    • Dinah Dye says:

      Yes I pray it will change hearts and minds and get us out of our comfort zone. Our nation is on the brink of being destroyed by cultural marxism.

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