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Bonhoeffer: From Tyranny to Freedom Part 1


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Dinah talks all things Kingdom, Serpents, Wisdom, Politics, Bonhoeffer, Patriotism

Bonhoeffer: From Tyranny to Freedom


Dietrich Bonhoeffer faced down the tyranny of Nazi Germany. The church had failed to push back against Hitler’s totalitarianism and in many cases embraced the promises of the “golden” age of the Third Reich. Today, in America, we are facing our own tyranny from political correctness, identity politics, and multiculturalism. We stand at the precipice of losing our nation to the forces of chaos caused by the radical left. How should we respond? Is there hope for the faith community? Here's an excerpt from this ground breaking 9 part series. Order your copy https://hebrewrootsteachings.com/collections/latest-teachings/products/bonhoeffer-from-tyranny-to-freedom