1. Dear Dr Dye. I have been listening to your work on the temple revealed and others as well. Thank you for the paradigm shift. Amazing stuff and thanks for the shout out to other authors that you have suggested reading. My friend suggested your work to me. I just wanted to say about your titanic analogy and temple horizon thought. I listen to a program on Pandora radio called this American life . Last weeks program entitled things I want to know discussed just that phenomenon that occurs near the arctic circle in extreme cold weather. I forget the name of it, the program states it’s name (Russian) if you listen to the program you will hear it, but the Inuit insist that the sun is viewed in a different location than in the past. because of the curvature of the earth, and cold temperatures this phenomenon occurs, makes me think of the northern lights. So would it be crazy to think that the world outside of time it’s just outside of our vision? Is the olamhabah in existence at this time we just can’t see it? Thank you again

    • Thank so much for sharing that. It does sound like a super-refraction. Amazing stuff. I personally believe the Olam Haba does exist but it exists outside the dimension of time. It’s there but we can’t see it, that is until heaven and earth are restored.