Study to Show Yourself Approved

This course is designed to help students identify and research patterns in Scripture. There are nine video sessions that correspond to nine chapters in the companion workbook. Each chapter in the workbook is built on the concept of building a house and provides the student with a detailed list of resources along with a variety of questions, definitions, charts, quizzes, and projects. The final chapter gives the student an opportunity to prepare their own in depth teaching using all the tools outlined in the previous chapters. This is not a hermeneutics course, but rather a course that focuses on some of the most important patterns in Scripture. This series is included in the Sod level membership. It can also be purchased in the marketplace for non-members, as well as for Derash, Remez and Parshat members.

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Chapter 1 Site Preparation: Grading

  • About study
  • Wisdom versus knowledge
  • Sound teaching versus pitfalls
  • Importance of the heart when studying

Chapter 2 Site Preparation: Excavation

  • Jewish hermeneutics and Christian hermeneutics
  • Basic rules and the traditional Hebraic approach
  • Research, application and presentation

Chapter 3 Setting the Cornerstone

  • The Kingdom of Heaven, the Throne and the Temple
  • Kingdom Structure
  • Kingdom idioms, manifestations and attributes

Chapter 4 Laying the foundation

  • Archaeology, History, Geography, Culture

Chapter 5 Framing the Structure

  • Hebrew language elements: Three-letter roots, anomalies, gematria etc

Chapter 6 Installing the Windows

  • Torah: Recognizing halachic and Aggadic passages
  • Yeshua's unique halachah
  • Covenants and customs

Chapter 7 Plastering the Walls

  • Liturgy for study and worship
  • Liturgy in the Gospels and Epistles

Chapter 8 Interior Design

  • Biblical Calendar
  • Festival Cycle
  • Seven thousand year plan of God and the Kingdom

Chapter 9 The Décor

  • Literary tools and devices
  • Chiastic structure, Hebrew parallelism, allusions etc.
  • Numbers and symbols

Chapter 10 Putting it all Together

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