Category: Torah/OT


The Sign of Jonah (Matt. 15-16)

A look at the feeding of the 4000 and the seven baskets and what is the real sign of the Jonah. It’s not what you think.


Ki Tissa

Ki Tissa covers important elements related to the high priest: Washing, anointing, and incense. It concludes with describing the Sabbath as the perpetual sign of the covenant thereby connecting the building of the Tabernacle...


Shemot: Back to Creation

The Torah portion Shemot compares elements in the creation week with events of the Exodus from Egypt. Part 1


Days of the Bones (9 parts)

Days of the Bones: This is a 9-part series that examines what it means when a concubine’s bones are cut into 12 pieces and sent to all the tribes. The story, from the book...


In the Beginning 10 prts

This teaching was filmed for ITVN (Israel TV Network) and examines the first chapter of Genesis. I present the material in a more conversational style and bring many elements together from some of my...


The Genesis Story – 4 part series

The Bible is not an instruction manual on how the world works yet it does reveal how God moves and works in the world. The Bible does not speak in our culture and language...


Locusts are not Helicopters

One of my goals this year is to tackle the book of Revelation. I have laid some groundwork over the last few years by examining the historical context and by explaining the apocalyptic language....


The King and I

In this week’s portion, V’yigesh, And He Approached, Joseph is ruling over Egypt as Pharaoh’s representative. As vizier-in-chief, he prepared for the coming famine by conserving food from each city’s fields (every temple complex...